Mar 23, 2021

This is more than 200´000 sqare feet (sqft) and more than 20´000 sqare meter (m²)!

A lot of space for privacy and activities around your house. Horseriding or trekking or whatever you and your family and friends want to do on your own lot at GreenWood Village. Your next neighbor will be in an average distance of about 600 feet or 200 m. He will not disturb you. This is freedom!

On the other hand: At GreenWood Village you are part of a resort community, where you find like-minded people to establish relationships and infrastructure. There are CC&Rs installed for the development of the resort. An Architectual Committee will control certain standards of style and construction. This to ensure value and image of the resort as a whole.     

According to the records there are not too many lots available any more in suburban areas of Arizona providing such a beautiful environment as GreenWood Village.